Peers Behind the Walls Program at Springs Recovery Connection

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According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, 85% of our incarcerated population suffer from SUD or have been incarcerated for drug related crimes. Many of these individuals have no idea where to start their journey and are unfamiliar with community resources for substance use disorder. In an effort to offer support to those who are incarcerated for SUD and help reduce recidivism, Springs Recovery Connection has begun connecting peer coaches with our friends behind the walls.

In August of 2020, Springs Recovery Connection was invited to create inmate specific programming for the El Paso County Jail, which includes weekly virtual video visits with a recovery coach and a personalized wellness plan to help develop a solid transition plan as they are welcomed back to the community. As of October 2020, SRC has received 78 referrals Springs Recovery Connection Coaches. SRC is now serving 23 individuals on a bi-weekly basis with recovery coaching services through virtual video.

We are thrilled at the launch of this program and look forward to helping our friends behind the walls embark upon this recovery journey with us.

Please contact Dominique Knowles, Specialty Courts and Reintegration Coordinator for more information.

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Fresh Out the Gates

Weekly meeting on Fridays at10:00am

A Peers Behind the Walls Program

Fresh Out the Gates, a weekly support group at Springs Recovery Connection, focuses on a community of people who share similar problems adjusting in society and remaining sober after incarceration. The group provides understanding, hope and overall wellness through meetings and positive conversations and connections.

The purpose of Fresh Out the Gates is to create a group of leaders and peers in our community who have experienced drug addiction and incarceration, that understand and can use their journey to help others on their path to true freedom.

Working together we can better understand why we keep making the same mistakes that result in incarceration and hopelessness. We share stories, coping tools and other prosocial activities that support community connections, overall health and wellness and long-term recovery. As of Jan 15, 2021, SRC has served 37 CJC Peers.

Benefits of Participation
• 8 Dimensions of Wellness
• Encourages the importance of recovery community connections
• Safe atmosphere for participants to discuss and apply life experiences to develop new ideas and habits to promote positive life change
• Providing mentorship and training for peers who want to continue to help others
Meeting Weekly at Springs Recovery Connection
1930 W Colorado Ave, COS 80904
Training Room, Second Floor
Call Upon Arrival – We will buzz you in!
Facilitator is Dominique Knowles #719-465-2295

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